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The Vegan Health &

Self Empowerment Guide


What we do..

Holistic Vegan Coaching brings you life-changing health coaching through innovative programs based on science, psychology and specifically tailored mindfulness practices, along side plant-based nutrition. Our holistic guide is designed to give you the tools to overcome setbacks, sustain a healthy lifestyle longterm and allow you to thrive and feel alive!

Our guide is for you if: 

  • You desire to live a healthy vegan lifestyle but are finding it difficult to stay on track. 

  • You are ready for sustainable, long-term change.

  • You are done with fad dieting and want to feel healthy and alive.


  • You desire better mental clarity.

  • You are ready to commit to your best self that you have been dreaming of but struggling to achieve. 

  • Want to stay inspired and satisfied WITHOUT having to pay for meal plans over and over.

  • You want to feel inspired and self empowered in your food choices.

  • You would like to learn and apply the core principles that will assist you in longevity and health




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 Vegan Health & Self-Empowerment Guide

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Holistic Vegan Coaching Programs  

Vegan Health & Self-empowerment Guide 

1-2 month online practical guidebook to change your health for a lifetime. 

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Meet Your Coach!


Laura Louise

It is my life dream to improve peoples quality of life and to assist in empowering their best selves. My personal journey saw me over come health obstacles and over time develop a passion for nutrition through experience, education and research.

I am a qualified Vegan & vegetarian Nutrition Consultant, semi-professional circus performer, former vegan chef, believer in science-based knowledge and lover of life! 

I founded Holistic Vegan Coaching in the hopes of creating an authentic platform through which to teach the foundations of vegan health and long term success. 


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