3 Easiest vegan breakfast Recipes (and healthy!)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

At Holistic Vegan Coaching we believe that eating healthfully and plant-based does not need to be over-whelming or complex. We have made it our mission to simplify a whole-food vegan diet and bring you the best information possible, as simply as possible!

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Our number one favourite!!

#1. The Breakfast Smoothie!

A breakfast smoothie should contain more than JUST fruit in order to create a fullness that will last you until your next meal. Fruit is incredible however it is fast digesting and usually very low in calories. Adding some more satiating and slower digesting foods such as oats, protein power, peanut butter or almond butter etc will keep your body satisfied for longer and reduce cravings later in the morning.

We love this Peach & Oat Smoothie from Minimalist Baker! Not only does it look refreshing and zesty but the addition of oats will keep you fuller for longer and the chia seeds are an excellent source of omega 3s, which are great for heart health!

This smoothie contains a healthy balance of food groups and a good variety of plant proteins!



Chia Seeds



Almond Milk

Optional Sweetener

Click HERE for the full recipe.

We are also in love with these beautiful breakfast smoothies from Peaceful Dumpling (cute name right!)

Not only are these smoothies wonderfully presented.. they're also a simple combination of powerhouse ingredients! She uses superfoods such as maca and turmeric to add more variety and nutrition along side inclusion of healthy fats to make the smoothies more satisfying.


Berry Seed Smoothie:




Sunflower Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Flax Seeds

Check out the full recipe HERE << See if you can make yours look as adorable as this!!

We also make oatmeal ALL THE TIME!

#2 Oatmeal!

Making overnight oats is our favourite way to create an incredible nutritious breakfast that requires barely any prep time! Oats are a great source of zinc (great for healing and for a immune system) as well as being great support for the digestive system due to their unique fibre content.




Chia Seeds

Nut Butter

Vegan Milk


Find the full recipe HERE

Over the colder, darker days or rainy mornings. A nice hot oatmeal breakfast hits the spot! It takes a little more prep time, but not by much!

Oats are heated so easily on the stove and take around 10 minutes to heat and cook through. Heres a yummy, super easy recipe from Simple Vegan Blog




Plant-based milk



Optional sweetener

Full recipe is HERE

If you're wondering where to get any of these ingredients... Thrive Market is an awesome one stop shop for healthy vegan goods, supplements, protein powders and even natural skin care all at 25 to 50% below retail price!

A few of our favourites include>>

Organic Brazil nuts!

Great breakfast addition as they contain more than your daily needs for selenium which is a powerful anti-oxidant associated with reduced risk of cancers.

Cacao Nibs! Rich in calcium and magnesium. This is a yummy way to get your fix of important nutrients.

Almond Milk by the Case! Stay stocked up with your favourite organic plant-milk at a discount price.

Our third and final favourite, easy vegan breakfast..

#3 Avocado on toast!!

This is our favourite, simple breakfast for days craving something wholesome and savoury to start the day. Of course we always use whole-grain breads, you can find out more on the importance of whole-grains HERE.

You can absolutely just wack some avocado on to some bread and chow down! However, if you're fancying some extra tasty goodness.. here's our favourite avo-toast from Simple Vegan Blog





Nutritional Yeast

Garlic Powder

Red Pepper Flakes

Full recipe HERE

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