The Core Foundations That Keep People On A Healthy Lifestyle (Vegan Health Coaching)

Many of us desire to have long-lasting health and happiness. If you are lacking in one or more of these areas that assist in creating a strong foundation then you may be struggling to stay on track:

Here are some of the core foundations for maintaining a healthy Vegan diet.

Passion & Reason

Many people find that having a specific goal and understanding their deepest desires gives them the incentive to make their health a priority. If you're lacking in understanding what your reasons are for wanting to tend to your health, you may find yourself un-motivated and easily giving in to less-optimal choices.

Sustainable Nutrition

For long-term success it is vital that you are meeting your bodies needs through well balanced nutrition throughout the day. This means including the appropriate balance of high-protein foods, fats, whole-grains, fruits and vegetables. As well as meeting the requirements of vitamins and minerals that may be harder to get on a plant-based or standard diet, such as b12, omega 3, iodine and vitamin D. Without attention to these elements, imbalances can occur in the long-term. All of this and more is covered in The Vegan Health & Self-Empowerment Guide. It is designed for those wishing to finally make core changes to stick to a healthy lifestyle and achieve those goals that always seem to slip.

Mindset & Awareness

Your mental well-being and ability to notice your thought patterns plays a huge role in forming healthy habits and in sticking to them. You may actually be self-sabotaging by telling yourself you are not good enough or other un-empowering thoughts! Replacing these, though it does take hard work, can make huge improvements in how you feel about yourself as well as how you feel about taking care of yourself.


Staying inspired creates an endless steam of possibility, encouragement and ideas. It can come about in numerous ways from cooking with friends, working with a health coach or even listening to a podcast. It gives us fresh perspectives, new exciting meals and makes sure we are not alone in our journey.

Though inspiration is important, it is also crucial that we do not get sidetracked from our bigger goals by things such as fad-diets and quick fixes that can ultimately make the journey so much more difficult!


Having some time-saving, life-simplifying routines can make healthy eating become so much more enjoyable! The hacks that will be best for you vary from person to person however some of the most common ones include;

  • Bulk cooking- Making a big batch of one meal and storing in the fridge or freezer for later.

  • Healthy Abundance- Keeping the fridge and cupboards stocked up with affordable healthy foods for both meals and snacks. Especially staples such as whole-grains, beans & pulses, nuts & seeds, veggies etc .

  • Keeping a recipe book or log- This reminds you of what simple, healthy meals you have enjoyed and know how to make! This way you can refer back to it and be refreshed and re-inspired at short notice.


Thats right! Having fun & experiencing the joys of life is GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH. This may even mean enjoying cake or that fried cauliflower buffalo-wing recipe thats been eyeing you up. The important thing is to not let this effect your mindset or over-all choices. If you are making choices that will project you toward your goals MOST of the time then there is no reason you should not enjoy a little indulgence.

The Vegan Health & Self-Empowerment Guide covers each of these core foundations and more. Giving you the knowledge and practical tools to help create lasting health, inspiring goals and a mindset that will serve you! Sign up to our pre-launch mailing list for your 30% discount code!!