5 reasons why meal plans don't work! (Vegan Health Coaching)

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

To be honest, we are not suggesting that meal plans do not get you fast results. In-fact, following set meal plans commonly results in rapid weight-loss. However, the problem lies in what happens after. Cravings and hunger ensue, weight-gain takes you back to where you started leaving you feeling powerless. Heres why meal plans don't work longterm:


Dieting meal plans tend to range anywhere between 1200 to 1800, which for the average adult is literal starvation! This will do no good for the body or the mind. Having less calories means less nutrients and less energy! Lack of supply of vital nutrients to the brain can cause mood swings, depression and anxiety.

Most often, once the plan is over, old habits come back with a vengeance! Starvation of the body means eventually cravings will become overwhelming. High fat and sugary foods will become the most appealing foods as the mind and body crave a source of dense calories to make up for its starvation.

Calorie intake is not one size fits all. It varies depending on body structure, daily activities, environmental factors and even on what kinds of foods you're eating.

The Vegan Health & Self-Empowerment Guide gives you the knowledge and practical skills to listen to your body, understand your cravings and teaches you what should be involved in a nutritionally balanced vegan diet.


Having someone else in charge of what you eat and how much you eat is just NO FUN. No one else can decipher what foods you will enjoy, what foods will be available to you cheaper or if you'd feel more satisfied having a savoury breakfast over a fruit breakfast etc.

The lack of creativity left to those following meal plans can result in big food bills, fresh foods going to waste and going to bed feeling unsatisfied and moody!

There is a huge abundance of healthy foods, nourishing recipes and inspiring snacks. Why limit yourself!?


Meal plans simply do not teach you how to eat and create a well balanced, varied diet. Meal plans generally last between a week and a month, but what happens after?! The best you've got is a few good new recipes you'll use again. But you can get thousands of those for FREE on the internet!

Good health coaching should educate and inspire! The aim is to have your client so empowered that they no longer need you!


Speaking of empowering. Rigid meal plans have the exact opposite effect! Meal plans make you reliant on someone else diet 'rules' and you'll be stuck relying on them for further advice and more meal plans since doing the same one over and over isn't sustainable.

Long-term success comes from having the knowledge on how to provide your body with well balanced diet. Having the organisation and mind set in place to make it work for your lifestyle and empowering yourself with the ability to understand your body needs is the best way to take health into your own hands, so as YOU can make choices for yourself.


Most meal plans (granted not all) follow fad diets. There are hundreds of them out there, even within plant-based eating! This can be so confusing, especially as short-term the results may appear good but in the longer run the imbalanced fad diets result in nutritional deficiencies, digestion issues and many other problems.

No-one wants to reach their goals only to feel more unhealthy.

The importance of a nutritionally balanced diet is surmountable. It will make staying healthy so much easier, keep your body a healthy weight, give you more energy and may even have surprising mental health benefits!

Holistic Vegan Coaching offers no-nonsense information on a well-balanced, whole-foods, vegan diet. The Vegan Health & Self-empowerment guide is for you if you are:

  • Struggling to stick to a vegan or healthy vegan diet.

  • Desire to be more in touch with your bodies signals, cravings and desires.

  • Would like to understand what a well-balanced vegan diet should include.

  • Desire long-term health and wellness!

  • Are ready to become your best self.

  • Are done with yo-yo dieting and are ready for long-term results